Friday, 17 August 2012

WiP- F-18 Super Hornet, Typhoon FGR4 and F-14D Super Tomcat

  Just as the title says, I have been busy the last couple of days getting the decals on all 3 of these planes.  I will post the pictures and write a little about it below.

   The memory card you can see there is an MicroSD card, just so you can get an idea of the size of the plane.  This is my Tornado FGR4, it's still a work in progress as are all the models on this page.  If you look the model's leading edge you will see little decals that say "No Step".  There is bloody loads of them, I now hate those things!  Still I think I have done well with it.  I brush painted this one instead of using an airbrush, you can tell it too.  I wasn't prepared for how quickly the paint dries.  Nevermind, live and learn.

   The other side, I've still got the Storm Shadows, GPU12's and the fuel tanks to put on it.  Not too sure if I wanna put some Meteor missiles on it or not.  Hopefully that'll be soon.

   The F-18 E Super Hornet, in it's 75th anniversary scheme.  I am still not too sure if I will put weapons on this or not.  I might just put on the basic missiles load out and leave the Mk.83's and the JDAM for another model, possibly the A-10.  Loving the Felix logo tho.

   Front view, I think the top grey is a little too dark.  It was the closest match I had to the FS numbers from my Vallejo range.  Also this is the first model I painted with my new airbrush that Nat bought me for my birthday (THANK YOU NAT!!! :) ) need to touch up a few things tho.

   And the other side... dont ask... I think the black spine decal is a little too thick for this model.  So you get one side alligned correctly and the other side is out.  Also it's not long enough.  I started to put the VFA-31 decal on, and it just went tits up.  I had already put Micro-set on it and all the brushing I was doing to sort it out just wasn't working.  In the end I managed to bugger up the VFA-31 decal and the "1935 thru 2010" decal.  At least the other side looks good.  If I was to do this again, I would paint the black spine on by it self.  Also if you look towards the back of the plane, between the two rudders you will see a dark grey box.  There are two decals that are not mentioned in the plans.  I only noticed their shape and put them where I think they go.  Don't look too bad but got no idea what they are tho.

  Just had to get a close up of Felix the Cat. It's printed really well, there is another two logo's like this one on the decal sheet but on their own.  I imagine they are for the people who want to try and paint the red themselfs.  Worth a go I guess.

   Just wanted to get a close up of the decal on the tailplane, I love that decal.  God knows why, also I love the one on the inside of the rudder.  Not too sure what it is tho, think it might be the air group or something.

   This is what the otherside should of looked like.  I really do like these decals.  Altho I keep on saying I am not one for CAG planes this one is kinda cool.  I need to sort out the canopy and it's paint. 

   The F-14D Super Tomcat, right first of all, if you think the canopy looks shite.  It's because I wasn't happy with the paintwork (it really did suck).  I knew I was getting the airbrush too, so I stripped all of the paint of it using the over cleaner method.  It took the canopy and the cockpit decals with it.  The insides of it got flooded with I washed it all off.  I cleaned up as much as I could but it still looks like that.

   The other side, the ejector handles look overscaled to me, but also look cool at the same time.  Not too sure if I am going to turn this into a Bombcat or not now.  I dunno...

   The sharkmouth is cool, it's aggressive but low vis at the same time.  The other decals are good too.  The Canopy needs to be touched up with the paint. I also need to do some little touch ups here and there.

 And the last picture, those Grim Reaper pictures are freaking sweet!!!  HOWEVER, the redbar at the top is a crappy decal, the instructions said you use two on each side however there is only two on the decal sheet!!!  Also they will not settle down at all!  I'm gonna take them off and paint it on.  The decal for the "Grim Reapers" is also a little poor.  You can barely notice it's there, it's even harder to read in real life.  Also the "AD" decal on the inside of the rudder is annoying.  They have both silvered a little.  I can understand one doing it, but not both. Dunno if I am just unlucky??

  Please let me know what you think.  I am open to input, however please bear in mind I am still learning how to make these things again.



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