Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Random Warhammer bits...

  Don't know if I have put this on here or not (pretty much like everything else really), but I have a new job!  No more working for a Northern Supermarket chain, I now work in a school!  They are trusting me to work in a school... hahahaha!  Anyhow, one of the teachers here has found out I like "bashing plastic together", I have no idea what that entails but it sounds like model making to me.  Could mean something totally different, and with him it probably does... ahem.  He asked me a while ago to paint some Warhammer buildings for him, as I didn't have to pay for them I thought why not.  The first building he gave me was handed back in February I believe (it's now May), he liked it so much he gave me another and something called a Rhino.  Pictures below.

  I did know what this thing was called when I first painted it... its now known as Hotel Green Boxes.  That was the first ever Warhammer related thing I had finished.  Yay...

  This was the next thing I was given, this time I was to build it from scratch.  Can't say I am impressed with the plastic, the fit or the mould. But it has been an experience.  The teacher loved it and said the kids will love it too.

  I've had this Rhino sitting around a while now, it was part of the Ultramarines Battleforce set thing I've had for a while now.  I decided to finish it and paint it in the colours of what the teacher uses (now on called Latch).  He has since taken delivery of it and loves it very much.  Bless him...



WiP 1 - Hasegawa F-14D IdolM@ster 1/72

  This one has been an "On/off" project for a while now, I started it about a year ago as part of a Single Type Group Build over on Britmodeller.  I have been trying to get her done for the last few months now.  Really lost the urge to finish it tho.  I'll post pictures of where I am with her.

  I bloody hate Hasegawa decals, they are horrible.  I have her standing on her own wheels now, I just dont have any pictures of it.  I will/should be updating this as and when.



Completed - Revell 1/72 Hawker Hurricane IIc

  I can not actually remember if I have posted any pictures of this aircraft on here or not, been trying to build this one over the last... well it has been a few years at least.  The problem I had was the left vertical stabilizer, or more specifically the dog eating it.  You couldn't make that up! Well I mentioned on Britmodeller that I was missing it and a nice chap by the name of Vulcanicity helped me by sending him some spares he has (legend!) So with the new bits in hand I got them on, filled and blended in and away I went. I tried to make her really dirty, kinda pulled it off I think.