Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Completed - Dragon E/A-18G Growler and F/A-18F

  Well I have been working on these two since... June.  I've had a few headaches which I have listed on the Britmodeller GB forum.  But onto the pictures.  I'm not happy with the Jasmine Model decals, they seem well overscaled or the Dragon kits are massively underscaled...

  Both of them together.  I started to rush them towards the end so I could get them finished within the GBs deadline.  I managed it by 3 hours I think... gotta rush the Apache now as that finishes this weekend also.

  Best thing I love about Dragon decals?  The lack of stencils, the worst thing I hate about the Dragon decals? the lack of stencils! :P  I have decided to build these two again at some point.  Not sure when tho.

 The other side of the Growler, still not decided if I should do a wash on these two or not.

  The Swordsmen example, colourful little bugger isn't it?  If you look closely at the red triangle warning decals under the canopy you will see what I mean about the decals being oversized.  You can not read the names of the pilot/navigator/ew guy either.  I think they are the right way up... I hope...

  I also had no yellow paint to paint the top of the tails either.  I had lots of "No Step" decals in the pack also, but I will save them for a kit I know will use them well.  Overall I am quite happy with the end result.  The Canopies are very thin and very clear.  You can see right into the cockpit also, but they are very brittle.  I dont know how but the one on the Growler has got a massive crack up the middle.

  I am still working on the Gunslingers and Tomcatters versions.  Didn't get them finished for the GB.

  Hope you like, and I apologise for the dodgy camera work.