Friday, 22 March 2013

WiP 5 - CF-188A Hornet

  Decided to have a go at this one now that I finally had the airbrush out again.  I first painted the white for the primer for the orange/yellow on the tail.  Thought the orange would look better if applied to yellow and not vice versa.  I found a build of this aircraft on the ARC forums, I forget who was building it (I will credit him/her later), but this build agreed with what I thought and they done the same.  I also "borrowed" the same colours and paints that they used.  Pictures below.

 These two had Mr Hobby paints used on them, I do like these paints smelly tho.  Hoping to get this one re-started after the F-15 and the P-51's are done.




  Done some work on this one also as I have finally given up on the nozzles.  I used Tamiya white primer for the base colour now that my local Hobbycraft stocks it. :)

   I haven't glued the canards or the rudders, but this gives you an idea of what the plane is going to look like once I have sorted out all of the details.  The red paint has run a little and it blotchy in places, will need to fix that. 

   This was all masked up for painting, was a right pain in the backside I can tell you, worth it tho in the end I reckon.

From the front, I think she is starting to look really good and like the plane she is supposed to. :)

Any comments welcome as always.



WiP 3 - Revell P-51B Mustang III x 2

  Done some work on these two now that I had some time.

   Tried the white-tac sausages method, worked really well I thinks. :)

   No. 316 P-51B, I think the grey is a little too dark, but I am not going to change it, I like it as it is.

  Other side.

   The No. 112 example, I quite like how the paint has turned out on these ones. :)

Thats it for these two for the time being, I've glossed them ready for the decals.



Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WiP - 2 : Revell P-51B Mustang III x 2

  I've only gotten so far due to the aforementioned weather/airbrush issue.  Also I have no paints for this one, I will have to sort that one out actually.  I'm hoping the weather will clear up either this week or the next as I am off work for the next two week... WOOHOO! \o/

   Here we have the No.316 Polish Mustang III and the "vanilla" version next to it.  Doesn't take too long to get to this point, I could've sorted out the wing joins but I dont think they show up too much.

  Close up of the vanilla Mustang.

  The Polish one this time, these builds are really quick and easy, just helps if you have the right paints I guess :P

  More to come soon hopefully!



WiP - 2 : Academy 1/144 MiG-29

  Well I haven't done much in the last couple of months... well thats not entirely correct.  I have done a little bit of modelling just haven't posted it up on here... yeah I am a lazy git I know...

  Anyhow, I done some work on this little plane as it has been bugging me for ages.  I did want to get the airbrush, but the cold weather is stopping me doing that (my airbrush is in the shed, it's bloody cold in there!).  Yesterday and Today it snowed and came out at 8" deep (roughly), so I just gave up a decided to brush paint it.  I went for the colours of the MiG-29 SMT, I know the plane isn't the correct variant for it, but meh, I like the paintwork and this model is going to be a test model for new techniques anyhow.  So on with the pictures...

   Not too sure if the green works or not.  I was going for a greenish-grey and that colour is "Sea-green grey" or something like that.  However now that I look at it, it kinda works... what do you think?

   I do like these Vallejo paints, they don't come out half bad when brush painted.  Think I might add some drying retarder to them tho and it doesn't "self-level" too well on it's own.  or maybe I should thin it a little??

   I've seen a picture of this plane with just two fuel tanks, which I might copy, I got two tanks from the Frogfoot kit so I might steal them.

  Hoping to get into the loft tomorrow so I can get all my decals and stuff out of there. :)