Friday, 4 October 2013

Half Completed - Dragon F/A-18 F and E/A-18G Growler

   I can't believe I forgot to post these two before I went away!  Anyhow, I've been back a week now from the holiday I spent with Nat and her family in Gran Carina for 2 weeks.  Was great just sitting there for two weeks doing nothing.  Anyhow back to the models, these two where the only two I could've gotten finished before the dead-line which I did by a few hours iirc.  Nat sat there and watched me decal these two, she must of been bored out of her mind.  Bless...

Here we have both bugs together... is the Growler still considered a bug??  Decided to leave them both clean except for the ECM pods on the Growler.  I can never decide what load-out to put onto the F-18s.  I dunno...

   If I had known that the cockpit was as clear as it was I would of spent a hell of a lot of time on it.  Live and learn I guess, I should of spent so much more time on these than just faffing around. 

 The decals themselves where not that bad actually.  They are the usual Dragon ones printed by Cartograf (spelling?), so you know you have good quality.  Behaved well too.

  The decals from Jasmine models however... what a pain in the arse!  The decals themselves are actually okay, except for the ones on the canopy which are totally unreadable.  The problem is the fact they are all overscaled.  I compared the actual decals to the ones on the painting guide and they are the same size, where as the model is a wee bit smaller.  So I think they should of been for a 1/100 model or something like that instead of my 1/144.  So I had to mix and match with what I could and try to make the best I could.  Came out okay I guess...

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