Friday, 16 August 2013

Messing around with the camera...

  So on Tuesday night was the zenith of the Perseid meteor shower typically I missed it as I read it was at midnight on the 13th.  So I thought that meant 12pm on Wednesday (the day after).  I was outside with the camera taking 30 second subs waiting for something... anything.  I found naff all after two hours.  Then while waiting for the camera to take a 5 minute sub (I was playing around at this point), I was on Star Walk on my phone.  I well recommend this app, its made by ESA (European Space Agency) and the way it presents its info and stuff is clear and concise.  Shame Planterium isn't working no more :(  Anyhow, I was on Star Walk and noticed that Andromeda was right infront of me, usually when I am outside with the telescope she is on the otherside of the house, the side where the chavs could see my nice shiny telescope.  So I tried to locate it, that was easy enough then I thought about getting the camera on it.  Easy enough also, I done a few 30 second subs and messed with the ISO on her (the camera is an Canon 1100D, I love that camera!).  Here is one of the better results... still needs a lot of work, but like modelling it will come with pratice.

  Now as it stands, that isn't much to look at.  However if you look about 2 thirds of the way up and right in the middle, you will see a little grey "smudge".  That ladies and gentlemen is our nearest spiral galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy.  We are currently heading towards each other at 74km/s (266,400 mph for the ones who can't work it out).  We are expected to "collide" with it in 3-5 billion years time.  It will either fling Sol out of the Milky Way or it will annihilate us completely.  Time will tell, I wont be around so it matters not to me.  

  The reason for the streaks is not because I moved the camera, it's the Earths rotation making it appear that the stars are moving.  The only start that is not moving as much (but it does move) is Polaris aka the North Star/Pole Star.  I will get around to taking a picture like that one day.

  One last picture for you lot...

  Andromeda is about the centre of the picture. Think this was a 25 second sub.  Hope you enjoyed this little de-tour from modelling. :P



Revell 1/144 Hughes/Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow WiP-2

  Getting through this one very quickly.  It's a good build and lots of fun.  I thought I would give Revell Aqua-colors a second try.  Wished I never bothered now.  They paint pretty crappy, think I will stick to my Vallejo's from now on.  The instructions say that the while aircraft is Olive Drab... like hell thats so boring! I will see what I can do.  Onto the pictures...

  Noticed that there is a lot of bits that need touching up.  I will do that later on.  Need to sort out a lot of the filler and the paint has shown up a lot of lumbs and bumps... weird...

  Anyhow, more to come!



Monday, 12 August 2013

New Project Revell 1/144 Hughes/Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow WiP-1

  Here is my next entry, however this time it's for the helicopter GB also on Britmodeller.  I'm surprised by this, but no one has decided to do the Apache yet, pratically everything else, but.  Very surprising. 

  Typical box art shot... very wonderful. :)

  This is the version I will be making, I was going to make an British Army version, but I got lazy and didn't do any research into it.  I've got another one laying around that I can always make into.

  Both sprue shots, nothing to write home about.  You get the idea, however I will not be using those Hellfires, they really suck, I could fix a few of them, but I will not be doing all 8, sod that.

  This is where I am upto as of last night.  I will be sorting all of the seam lines next.

  Close up of the cockpit.  what do you think of those seat belts?  I'm not too sure if they work or not.  Dont forget I have to put the canopy on it yet also.  If anyone is to build this model, I suggest that they put the wheel legs on before they put those little trunky bits on the side.  It's impossible to do otherwise.

  Well hopefully more to come.



New Project Dragon 1/144 F/A-18 E and F plus E/A-18G Growler WiP - 1

  Can't believe I have not posted these here yet... oh well.  Well these 4 models are my entry to the F/A-18 STGB on Britmodeller. 

  The two boxes that I will be getting the kits from, I will be making the Growler in the background.  The other 2 seater will be used to make the aircraft below.

  Love these decals, just a damn shame you can't find many Jasmine Model stuff over here.

  And these are the other two options I will be making, oh and the Gunslingers version on the box.

  All of the bugs before the cockups started.

  Here is the E/A-18G, I've cut off the rails ready for the ECM pods, their proper name escapes me right now.

   And all of the other ones, that wing join is bad... need to sort that out with something, god knows what.  Just gotta attach the tail plane and prime and I should be ready to paint.



Friday, 9 August 2013

RAF Hendon Trip

  It was my Birthday at the end of July, and Nat being the nice girlfriend that she is wanted to make it special for me.  I have wanted to go to Duxford for a while, and she suggested going there and having a picnic as well, but from what I remember of Duxford she really wouldn't like it.  Then I remembered RAF Hendon in Collindale (not in Hendon as it turns out... go figure).  Only takes me an hour and half-ish to get there.  So I decided to go there as it's in London as that meant that Nat could partake in her fav food on the way home (Wagamamas if you wanted to know, I had to let her have something too eh? :P).  On the walk down, we saw two black un-marked cars with their blues and twos on.  One Merc and a Range Rover with suited people inside (and I mean proper black suits not the kind a detective wears), anyhow they where really pelting it down the road... really cool!!! :D

  Anyhow, we spent about 2 hours there, and I am pretty sure I missed something as I am sure there was supposed to be a Sunderland there but I never saw it.  I took about 500 pictures of the aircraft from various angles so I can use for my modeling needs. :)  Here is a selection of the better pictures, oh before I start, I am a little rusty with my WWI planes.  So I get one named wrong let me know.

 Now if you do not know what this plane is... what are you doing reading this blog?  One of the most iconic planes ever (still think the Spitfire is better looking). The North American P-51 D Mustang.  This the... I guess it's the first plane you see when you walk in the main entrance bar the Spitfire (F.21 I think) thats hanging on the wall... oh yeah bar all of the gate gardians too.

  Fokker D.VII a plane I have bought an 1/72 model of, I gotta do that 5 colour lozenge (is that correct?) on the bottom of it.  Looking forward to that!

   I can't remember who makes this (I think Sikorsky) Dragonfly, only thought the Navy had them?

   One of my favs, dunno why... it just looks sooooo damn cool.  The Me-262 COOL PLANE! :D

  This is my fault... I never read the plaque but I don't know if this is a mock-up or a testbed of somekind.  Anyhow the reason the Harrier is now gone and our carriers (some might argue) the F-35 Lightening II.

 Sopwith Camel F.1, I got a Naval version of this to make, which I will be making for the Fleet Air Arm GB on Britmodeller... when I get around to it.

   I think this is a Sopwith Snipe?... Like I said I am not too good with WWI era stuff.

   The nose of the ME-262 again, will be using all of the photos I have of this for my two builds I have lined up... sorry 3 builds.

   Other view of the F-35.

   Harrier GR.3, still think this was a fantastic plane that was taken out of service before it's due date.

   The good old Blackburn Buccaneer, I remember making one of these as a kid in... 1995-ish.  Would love to get one of these in 1/144 with those decals.

   Paveway IV... enough said really, never really realised how big they actually where.

   Tornado GR.1 with the 2,500 litre Hinderburger tanks (from the F.3).  Another very cool plane.

   I never read the plaque again... I hope I can from the photo.  But this TILAD pod was in front of the Tornado.  Hoping to try and make that "Tracy" picture onto a decal at some point.  She reminds me of a lady at work... just the drawing is a lot thinner!!

   This was the nose art from a Victor nose (where did the rest of it go?).  Very cool :)

   The remains of a Halifax... once again I never read the plaque

  Fairey Battle, weird aircraft and I have 2 of these in the stash.  Not too sure if I want to make them now or not...

   Westland Whirlwind SAR, bloody bright aircraft.  Then again for what it does thats to be expected.

   Chinook HC.1 nose (I think) made out to be BN... which I thought was still in service??

   Next time you get decals for the instrument panels, don't moan.  They can't be as bad at that centre console!!! :P

   Bristol Beaufighter, aka the "Whispering Death" as I am sure it was called by the Japanese (if I am wrong please correct me).  Got one of these to make also, in this scheme I believe too...

    The BF-109 E... Where the E models the tropical versions??  With an B-24 Liberators wing above it and the Lancasters tail to the right.

  The Fritz-X guided bomb, the first I believe.  Apparently one of these took out an Italian battleship, altho it has never been confirmed.  Big bugger it is tho...

   Henkel HE-162 Salamander... a cool and weird plane.  Want to make one of these.

   B-25 Mitchel, cool plane.  Will get around to making one of these later on.  One thing that amazed me, is that even after all of these years.  There is still oil leaking from them!!!

  Gloster Meteor.  Cool plane and the RAF's first Jetfighter.

 R.A.E.5??  Cool plane, one that I had to show to Nat that parts of it where actually covered in fabric.

   Classic D.H. Chipmunk.  I only know of these flying with the ATC but I am sure they flew with a lot of other stuff.  I only flew in the Bulldog tho, I missed the Chipmunks by a few years.

 D.H. Venom??  Doesn't look like a Vampire to me and I can't remember what the plaque said either...

  Harvard T-5 Texan, little known fact, quite a number of these aircraft where modified to play the rols of the "Kates" aircraft in Tora-tora-tora... I believe... been years since I read that.

   Republic P-47 Thunderbolt... aka the Jug... mean looking mofo and very cool.  The engine is bigger than me!

   Late mark Hawker Tempest, I dont know the mark specifically.  Wanna make one of these too.

   P-40 Kittyhawk or Warhawk?... those two always confuse me.

  Last and not least as you are about to walk out is the English Electric Lightening, still looks like something from an sci-fi show and looks really fast, even on the ground.  Professor Brian Cox went up in one on his TV show... lucky bastard.  Jealous? Me? Never!   I will get around to building one of these one day.

  Thank you Nat for tagging along with me even tho I am sure you was bored.

  I have more photos, but they are all of various aircraft and various parts.  The lighting in there was really bad, hence a lot of the pictures being dark.