Friday, 15 June 2012

Typhoon FGR.4, F-14D Bombcat and Harrier II+ WiP 1

  I decided to do all of these planes together at the same time, just seemed like a good idea...

  I've only done the cock pit tubs and closed the fuselage halfs but liking what I have made thus far.  For some reason I think the F-14 is out of scale compared to the Harrier... I dunno... On to the pictures.

  See what I mean about the size of the F-14 compared to the Harrier?!  It's like Daddy plane, Mummy Plane and little Plane... weird tho

  Nose section of the F-14, dunno if you can see it too well or not but I have attempted to scratch-build my own ejector seat handles and HUD, I am quite happy with what I have done.  But please let me know what you think I am always open to suggestions. Of the 3 cockpits this is the one I like the most. :)

  Typhoon FGR.4 cockpit, done some ejector handles and an HUD for this one too, this model is a dream to build, as are the other two actually.

  And the Harrier, I messed up the cockpit on this one as I lost the control collum when I was trying to fit it.  God knows where it went!!!

   This is as far as I have gotten with them, my hayfever was knocking me for 6 today.  But I got quite far with them I reckon.  Please let me know if you got any suggestions.



New bits 1/144 and 1/100

  Nat is going to kill me, as I have promised her that I wouldn't buy anything until I had completed a few more models.  Well this little lot I couldn't resist on, first up the Tamiya ones.

 Love this plane, dunno why... guess its because I grew up with it being the fighter of the RAF and it appeared in a lot of the films I saw at the time for the Vietnam war.  I got this F-4 Phantom and the MiG-21 below at the grand ol' price of £2 each and as I was ordering other bits I thought why not.  Also I do not have any JASDF planes either so it was an added bonus. :)

  Another weird plane this, it's not a plane that I like but it is one that I respect.  Not decided if I want it to be Polish, Russian or Vietnamese yet....

  Found this on a website I order stuff from, it was the same model as the one I had ordered off ebay but didn't receive as they messed up the order and went out of stock.  Looking forward to making these :)  Got a thing about the Growler for some reason... I dunno...

  Now this one, I had this model before when I was younger which I think was a PML (?) model, I got it from Poundland, good model it was too.  I was just it together and left it, it came with a stand too!!  This time I am determined to make a decent model of this one.  This version is the F-16 Cranked Arrow, I hate the term F-16XL it makes it sound like a fat bastard this is the plane that got beaten by the F-15E Strike Eagle.

  More bits to add to the "to-do" pile :P



1/144 HG MBF-02+P202QX Strike Rouge IWSP

  Hows that title for a mouthful??  Anyhow, Nat has been out for most of the week so I have either been at work or at home on my own... yeah you can feel sympathy for me if you like. :P  I managed to mask up the parts of the IWSP that needed painting and I managed to mask up the shield too, I got lazy with the shield and used white-tack to fill in the bits that needed doing, big mistake... It was a pain in the arse to get the white-tack out of the recesses without yanking the freshly put on paint.  In the end I just left the white-tack on and painted over it.  My masking skills need to improved also, there was a bit of bleed through nevermind.  I'm almost done on this just need to paint some little bits.  I was also taught a lesson from Nat (she used to be an art student), I was having trouble painting on the white to the red surface, but the gray was okay.  I mentioned it to Nat on the off chance she might know, and she said it's because gray is "closer" to white than red is... I kinda understand.  Anyhow she is a genius and it worked great!!  Piccys below.

  Front view, can't really see what I have done from this angle eh?  You can see my Airacobra and Stuka in the background tho.

 You can see the painting on the IWSP here and the shield, you can also see the bleed through on the front of the shield.  I've also started to use my bridge camera to take photos as my iphone sucks... (shocking!)

  And the other angle, still think I've done well with it. :)



Saturday, 9 June 2012

1/144 Qubeley + Strike Rogue WiP

  So I have had these two Gunplas for ages, think the Strike Rogue IWSP is close to 10 years now... I dunno... the Qubeley for the same probably just sitting under the bed.  Anyhow, I decided to finally clean and paint the Strike Rogue it's been annoying me for ages. Also as I am waiting for some paint to do my other models I thought I would work on these two.  Below is as far as I am with the Strike Rogue...

  From above with what I believe are "anti-ship swords" god knows how those swords are anti-ship.  All details on the gun-shield are painted from the usual red.

  Quick poll, if you saw this, would you either A. Laugh at a pink Gundam or B. crap your pants as a massive gatling cannon is smiling at you?

  Above otherside, that shield looks like business.

  And the same pose with it's beam-gun and the IWSP pack (unpainted), always loved the look of the IWSP.  I have actually started to paint the necessary parts white tonight, but they are outside drying and no piccies yet.  I've also lost the foil stickers for the badge and "210" thats written on it.  I'm sure I will find somtething soon or order some decals from Japan.  Next up is the Qubeley...

  Now I haven't painted/put any stickers on yet.  Not too sure if I wanna paint it or not, but its a huge bugger, is as wide as it is tall.  Its supposed to be a 1/144 scale too...

  Closer up pic, I need to use a better camera.

  I thought I would compare the size of the Qubeley to other Gundams, the other big bugger is my MSA-0011[Ext] Ex-S Gundam one of my all time favs, one day I may have to post some pictures of the MSA-0011 PLAN 303E Deep Striker, that is a huge bugger, makes the GP-02 look tiny!! It has the main cannon from an Earth Fed cruiser on it's back!  You can also see a lego Dalek and R2-D2 for scale and a very dusty Freedom Gundam from Gundam SEED.

  Random shot from the top.  Just for giggles, once again I welcome suggestions or ideas.



Friday, 1 June 2012

New models 1/144 and 1/72

  Me and Nat went out to Lakeside the other day, first time in ages and we had Wagamamas... yum yum.  Anyhow I always go into Modelzone to check out what they have and usually I try to sneak out with a model that Nat hasn't noticed that I have picked up :P  Well we went in there and I was on the look out for a new E-2C Hawkeye as mine has fubar'd up.  I might be able to recover it but I am not in the mood for it right now.  Well I spotted this instead, Nat told me to get it as it's not a "little fart arse thing"... anyhow below is what I got.

  I love the look of this plane, looks mean and it's a European theater plane too, which wins point for me as I saw the Battle of Britain's Memorial Flight C-47 Dakota fly over the other day.  Such a beautiful plane, anyhow it was in the colours of the D-Day landings and I was kinda inspired by it

  I also got these 3 in the post from Ebay, I did order an EA-18G Growler too but I am waiting for that to turn up.  Anyhow I was looking through the kits and I had brain storm concerning the two models below.

  Now these two both had nothing but Air-to-Air missiles in it, I wanted to do something different.  Then when I was researching the Tornado GR4 (Below)...

 It comes with 4 Storm Shadows, as you can see on the box art, there is two Storm Shadows on the wing plyons.  As far as I am aware that would hardly ever get used, its very rare to see a Tornado without the fuel tanks on that station.  I have only ever seen a Tornado without a fuel tank when it was on QRA or parked up.  But I know the Storm Shadow can be put there so technically it's not wrong, just odd.  Anyhow, while researching where they went I saw that the Storm Shadow is used on the Dassault Rafale and the Typhoon FGR4, and I had an idea once I saw the GBU-10/GBU-12's in the kit.  I am gonna turn my Typhoon into an FGR4 and the Tomcat will be turned into a Bombcat.  As far as I can see there wont be that much to do to either models.  The Bombcat put it's bombs where the AIM-54 Pheonix goes (the wiki picture demonstrates this perfectly) and there is some Mk.84 "dumb" bombs in the kit too.  The Typhoon FGR4 is easier, I just gotta find the right pylons to put the bombs on, now I can either have 6 GBU's on the wings, 4 GBU's and 2 Storm Shadows or a mixture with the "Supersonic" Fuel tanks.  I liked the look of the fuel tanks so I am going to go with that.  Now one part that was missing was the LITENING or TIALD pods for the Bombcat, I'll have to find out which it used but that problem was solved by the next kit...

  What do you see on the inner-most plyon?  A LITENING pod... well I think it's a LITENING pod, I gotta check that up, but still as I only bought this kit for the decals and the weapons.  I think I am sorted here.  I got the spare Sidewinders too.  Now part 3 of this weapon mix up.  I've got these pictures of an F-18 that I think looks cool...


  Now, the top one from what I can see has 8 ARMAAMs (AIM-120) possibly 10 with 2 in the body recess with two Sparrow AIM-7's and two Sidewinder AIM-9's.  And the bottom one has 6 AIM-120's with 2 Sidewinders.  Now I dont think these are viable load outs because as usual carrier aircraft usually have extra tanks on.  But it looks cool, so I am going to use the missiles I have left over from the Tomcat and the Typhoon and use them on the F-18.  Cool idea no?  I also got this model turn up...

  I have always had respect for the pilots of this aircraft and the amount of bombs this thing could carry was ridiculous.  I'll make one as the A-6E but I might try to make the other one into a Prowler, I'm sure that Retro-wings do a conversion will look into it.

  For people who like to read I purchased this...

 I was a little disappointed with this book, I thought it was going to be a book about the actual "fights" of the war day-by-day kinda thing but it describes what planes where involved and the paint they had on them instead with a little of the history behind it.  I likes this one tho, there is a few Pumas in it and I have an 1/144 Puma awaiting some loving care, I might get some ideas from this.

  More ideas as and when they come to me...



Mobile Suit Danbo

  Some people may or may not know who "Danbo" is... well actually it's got lots of names "Danboard" is it's literal name from the translations as I gather (My Japanese is a little basic to say the least, something I do wanna remedy).  Anyhow... if you do a google-fu search you'll see that this little thing turns up alot.  It's sort of an internet craze now, just like lolcats, only so much cooler!! I hate cats btw, well except for Thundercats :P  Last night I was bored just sitting around doing sweet FA when I spotted my Freedom Gundam sitting on the desk next to Danbo.  So I had a little play around and "made" this, it was only put together with white-tac as I didn't want to mark Danbo too much.

  As you can see the main body is Danbo, the shield, gun and "wings" are all from my Freedom Gundam model, the "crown" or antenna are from my EX-S Gundam model.  I think it looks pretty cool.  Amazing what I can do when I am bored eh? :P I might try to make a little diorama with Nats Danbo too if I can ever get her, and yes it's a her! :P