Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Purchase - Trumpeter 1/144 F-22 Raptor

  The box isn't much to look at, two Raptors with their burners on.

   The first thing you see when you open the box, the canopy is already attached to the airframe, how cool is that?  Also buggers you up if you want to have the canopy open tho.  I like the way that the canopy is protected, means there shouldn't be any scratches on it.

   Now I love the way these sprue's are spread out, if you look closely at the sprue runners you'll see 4 little plugs near each corner.  These are raised by about 1cm and the sprue on the left fits into the one on the right a special way so that no parts are touching or scratching each other.  A clever idea me thinks and I likes alot.  I will be buying more from Trumpeter in the future!!! :)

  Just look at the detail on the bomb-bay!  Thats gonna look great with some wash/dry brushing.  The cockpit tub looks cool also, you can see it to the top left.

  Here you have the air intake "bomb-bay" that I have only ever seen Sidewinders or ASRAAM's use.  Very well detailed it is too, the wheel wells are the same. 

  The decal sheet, nothing special really as there isn't any special markings used on these planes yet, and as far as I am aware the whole fleet of F-22A's are grounded due to concerns of the oxygen system killing the pilots. 

  Generic painting guide, has all of the paints for Mr. Hobby, Vallejo (all bar one), Model Master, Tamiya and Humbrol.  Guess what paints I use now?!

  And the other 3 options for the model.  Think I am going to do the top one, the rest are too generic for my likings.  Love the pictures tho, think I will build mine with the fuel tanks on it, they just look cool with them on.

  All in all I am impressed with this model, it really it well packaged and everything it in poly-bags are really thought out.  With the detail of the kit you would think that it was a 1/72 not a 1/144.  This is going to be fun to build.  Probably take me 2 years tho!  I liked the model so much that I actually bought a second one, that I am thinking of making into the preposed FB-22.  But I will have to hack the wings off and stretch it a bit also stick in another bomb bay.  I'll let my skills develop before I attempt that one.  Also I am not buying anymore models until I get a few of them done.




  1. Hi,
    Does it require Glue to put the model together?


  2. Good Afternoon Kareem,

    This model does indeed require glue and paint. But it does look very easy to build tho and it's a two tone aircraft anyway. I think the only F-22 that doesn't require glue is the TomyTec ones or maybe F-Toys?? If you can find them.

    Kind Regards