Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Iterali 1/72 Hawk 100 and Revell 1/72 Stuka G

  I actually finished these two off last week, haven't had much time to do anything this week.  I was fixing laptops again the week before that.  Anyhow... on to whats occurring.  Right I decided to finish the two big models off first before I start anything else, and they where the Stuka and Hawk.  I was undecided for a while if I wanted the Stuka to be a dive bomber or a tank buster.  I thought I'd go for a tank buster as I have an Hurricane IID and an P-51 B Mustang to make and they where both "ground pounders/tank busters".  I might need to get an P-47 Razorback at some time too.

  Anyhow on with the Hawk first.

  I decided to go with the 4 AIM-9 Sidewinders on this one, I think it worked really well.  I noticed the "glass" pannel in the canopy has ruined the whole thing tho.  I never noticed that the RAAF's roundels are totally opposite either.  I think I got them the right as I didn't trust the box art one bit.  Now if you are wondering why the decals look so plain and boring, thats because my dog knocked the table when I was working on it.  She managed to tip over my bottle of Microsol and they landed on the decal sheet.  Which ruined half of them.  I am hoping I can get some more or bodge something.

  From the front she looks pretty good, thinking that a set of bombs and SNEBs might of been better... hhmm...

  masking up that canopy really paid off, guess I will have to do it in the future.  Not looking forward to doing it for the ME-110C... yay!

  Both planes together now on my kitchen table.  They look really cool together, just gotta find somewhere to put them now... joy.

  Even tho this plane got totally mashed up by the RAF and Soviet Air Force, it still looks like a mean little bugger, love that little tank decal on it.  Shame the crosses didn't align to well.

  Shame the cross on this side is "silvering" I really need to varnish the models.  But I'll be damned if I am going to pay £30 for a bottle of Klear... damn you Pledge!!

  And the front, those anti-tank cannons look really mean.  I'm really glad the prop cone looks white.  White is one of those colours that I can never get right.  Might have to invest in an airbrush me thinks.  Really enjoyed building this one for a change. :)   Let me know what you think.



Friday, 4 May 2012

Work so far...

  Yesterday I was supposed to wash my car (I know what an exciting life I lead eh?), but as is typical for England it was raining as per usual... and we are in a drought... go figure.  So I decided to do some models, now I didn't do anything major.  Just some tidying up and masking which took me a while.

  I've finally gotten around to masking the canopy for this bugger Hawkeye.  For a model that is supposed to be a modelers dream, it sure is turning into an nightmare for me.  It's just that bloody gray that I can not get right.  Might just slap on any old gray.

  My Revell 1/72 Ju-87 G Stuka, I decided to build the tank buster after all, might get some after market barrels for those cannons.  Dunno yet, need to tidy up those wing tips also.  I am quite pleased with what I have done here.  I need to sort the cockpit out also, that canopy isn't glued down yet.

  My little Revel 1/144 F/A-18 F Super Hornet, only managed to get the cockpit painted and glued the canopy down also masked it up.  Still trying to decide what weapons load I want on it, I might leave the Mk.82 bombs or the JDAM off and put them on the AV-8B Harrier II+, dunno yet.

  And last but not least we have the 1/72 Iterali BAe Hawk 127 (altho the model says 100), I've cleaned the cockpit out and made sure the canopy fitted correctly this time around.  I also tidied it up a bit and tried to get rid of the join lines.  I painted the Sidewinders too, so I just need to varnish it and decal it and this little baby is done.  I might buy this plane again at some point, I masked up the canopy but that too me an hour...

  A close up of the canopy, the paint work needs some touch ups but it's more or less done for an spraying.  I can't wait to get this one done.

  Haven't had much chance in the last two months between going to work, going out and crap weather to get the telescope out.  Almost forgotten how to use it :P  Hope I can soon...



Gunpla to be made

  I was going through my stuff the other day, trying to clear out some junk when I found these two in my wardrobe.

 This little one is from Zeta Gundam, I love the mecha from this show.  Altho the series didn't really do anything for me, might have to watch it again tho.  This is one of the Zeon mobile suits.  Will have to get around to making it.  Kinda reminds me of an old medieval knight for some reason.

  This one I have had for a while, I really did like SeeD.  I can't believe it's ten years old already.  Time flies eh?  I wished I had picked up all of the Astrays and the random mechs they had in it.  I might find them yet on ebay or Bandai might release then again... who knows...