Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Project - Scottish Aviation Bulldog

  I have started this project to be included in the Trainers Group Build over at Britmodeller, this is a first for me because this is an subject I actually have flown in and have actually piloted (yes I was an ATC cadet, loved it too!).  I was originally going to make the one I flew in, but I have since misplaced my 3822 log book.  Plus trying to find pictures of these little aircraft is bloody hard... well onto the pictures!

  Here is the kit before I started to destroy it, now this is an old skool package!  I think it's from the late 60's early 70's.  Oh and I did not pay 28p for it... bloody wish I had tho!  The sprues where mostly clear of flash and the plastic isn't that bad.  I was expecting it to be a little brittle but nope it is now.  lucky!  The one I flew in had the same paintwork as the one on the box, but the tail code and any unit badges it wore I wouldn't know :(

 Most of the cockpit parts have been painted up.  The fire extinguisher on the rear console is an USB power cable.  Came in handy again that cable ;)

  The two halves have all been painted and thats them being joined up.  Not a bad little cockpit that.

  The basic chair layout... I remember there some kind of carpet/felt stuff and I have checked pictures and they have the same kinda thing as well.  Doubt the colour is a good match tho, it's all I had.

  The wings mated up inside the fuseleage, it doesn't look too bad from here eh?  I wanna get this one done as fast as I can so I can do another model thats been bugging me for ages.  Think I will do the Swedish version tho as we already have 2 Bulldogs in the Group Build.



WiP - 1/72 Revell Leopard II

  Well I have not been spending as much time in the man shed as I would of liked.  My father and I are still wiring it up with lights and modern comforts, like heating!!  I got a little work done on my Leopard, but really it isn't much.

   You can see the bits that I have added, those... hand rails (?) where a right bugger to add, there is pratically no-where for them to stick onto!  Well thats the last of the parts to be added, just to paint them, do the little detail painting and then onto what I really want to do... weathering!! :)