Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Revell 1/144 RSAF English Electric Lightning Gate Guardian - Completed

  I started to make this one for a Group Build on Britmodeller.  It was called "Lesser Known Air Forces GB", basically you was allowed to pick an air force from around the world excluding Russia, Japan, Germany, the UK and the USA.  I choose Mexico (which will be coming up later) and Saudi Arabia, namely the RSAF.  I did have a Revell 1/144 English Electric Lightning that fitted the bill perfectly and also a Retrowings Hawk T.1 (I think it's an OZMods original).  But the Lightning won out, I didn't wanna just build the model, so I decided on a base/diaorama of some sort.  This is what I was going to make...

  Now trying to find information on this was bloody hard.  There is pratically 8 pictures on it that I could find.  Google Earth/Street View is next to useless.  So anyhow, I decided to measure this all out to produce this...

  Measured it as good as I could, looks okay to me.  Next I'll show the WiP pictures and other goodies...

 Gotta love a good old box top picture huh?

  No cockpit needed as this is a display model (quite literally), so it went together really really quick...

  After the prime and first coat of Ali, which showed up a few imperfections in the filling.  This be the second attempt to cover stuffs up.

  Here is the model pretty much finished, next my attention turned to the base, still had to source the SNEB pods and the Firestreaks (I think...)

  I managed to get some hard cardboard from Nats dad, so I made a mock up.  Now that I look at the pictures, I built this before I had finished the aircraft... my bad.  Anyhow I liked the base that much I decided to use it regardless, the model weighs next to nothing so the base didn't need to be too strong.

  Gave it a few coats with Vallejo paints, straight onto the cardboard.  It worked out quite well if you compare it to the original.

  I managed to win a cheap Revell 1/144 Hawker Hunter, these kits contain SNEB/rocket pods.  So that was a result, I liberated the rocket pods from said Hunter and used them on the lightning.  The plyon was scratch built using evergreen plastic, it isn't really that pretty but it works fine.


  The finished model, I did finish the model before the deadline, however I didn't pot the pictures up in time so it wasn't allowed to enter into the competition... oh well that learns me for being lazy huh?  The base is just clear acrylic I had liberated from work and sprayed black.  Simple but it works.  The decals where all that I had to hand, the badge and serial code is probably not the right ones for the actual aircraft, however I am happy with how she turned out.



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