Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf110, C-2


  This is my third build for Karen at work.  This time I have gone for the "enemy" and provided the BF110, before anyone asks or notices, I am not allowed to put any swastikas on the aircraft.  Complete crock I think but I can live with it.  I used an Eduard Zoom set for the interior and mask for the canopy, both I will be using again, but not relying on them.  Oh I also had an Eduard Brassin MG15, which I also like as well and I will be using the other one that I have.  I'm not too sure on the colours, but this is what Vallejo suggest and I am aware of the cock up on the right engine with the wash.  I am going with an oil leak for that one :P  Well here are the pictures of said aircraft.

  Apart from the greens being a bit off wack and the wash not liking RLM65 (I dunno). I am pretty happy with this build.  The fit of the parts was amazing, the wing join to the fuselage was perfect, could get away without glue but I didn't wanna risk it.



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