Wednesday, 22 January 2014

TomyTec 1/144 F-15C Galm 1 WiP-1

  I got bored one night waiting for the paint to dry on the Leopard, so I took this out and decided to build it.  It goes together quickly being a snap-fit, but it's a bugger to sort out when something goes wrong, got to sort out the fuselage half's on this one but she will not part.  Overall I am impressed with this one, I can not wait for the other two to turn up.  Oh yeah... I never said on here... about 30 minutes after I put Galm 1 and 2 on here, I checked HLJ and my Christmas wish was answered!!!  They are going to be releasing the F-22A of Mobius One (Ace Combat 4 : Shattered Skies) and the F-15E of Garuda 1 (Ace Comabt 6 : Fires of Liberation), looking forward to both of them! :D

   I decided to put the fuel tanks on the wings as it just seemed to fit.  Not sure if I will put the pilot in or not yet.

  Top shot for no other reason apart from I could and wanted to show you how good the warning bits are.

   Closer shot of those decals, they are very cool.

  And the engine nozzles, this is far better than the Revell version on the F-15E.  I might use these as a referance when I make the other F-15's I have in my collection. dunno yet...

  Thats it thus far...



Various New Purchases

  Well this is bad, I started this year with a new years resolution not to buy any more models until I had completed at least *SOME* of them... fat chance!  Well below is a list of stuff I have recently bought...

   Well this model was on sale over at Hannants I think it was near the £8 mark, can't remember.  I have got this one on order at LuckyModel, but that has nearly been on order for year and half and they will not refund me the money.  So I thought sod it, I got it there and then.  The kit inside looks good, but I will not be doing it in the box art colour, totally boring.  Might look at Pakistani colours or something... dunno yet.

   Now this one is for two projects I will be doing soon on Britmodeller.  I got one earmarked for the captured Spitfire, the dark green and yellow one.  I have the decals for it somewhere, but typically I can not find it.  The other kit is earmarked for the D-Day GB on Britmodeller, I will be making one of the Spitfires that carried beer across the channel for the pilots and whatnot.  I will need to order the beer barrel kit from Brengun as well as a cockpit, which strangely enough, there isn't one at all in the kit. :\

   Got this one to justify a paint order from Scale Model Shop, I think I only ordered 2 pots of paint that I needed so I added this to make it up.  Only cost me £8, which is cheaper than some 1/72 kits out there!  I want to make it into the M4 that I drive in WoT's with the 105mm cannon on it, got to love that derp gun.  Will actually have to look into the differences first tho.  The turret and hull look a little different from memory.

  I have wanted this kit since I saw Macross Zero and that was going to be made way back in... 2001?  Whenever Zero was released and fansubbed.  Loved playing the Destroid part with the sub on full power, the house shakes :D  I got this model for a lot cheaper than it was being sold on eBay for.  It originally cost £25, but I got an email from Ebay giving me a £10 voucher, and it worked so I got this model for £15 and no shipping either.  Not bad considering from Japan it costs just over £13.

  I got this one straight from Japan, HLJ.  Think I used this to bulk out an order of Sweet models, love the colours of it.  Now it looks like CAG aircraft to me, and normally I do not like CAG aircraft but this one works for me. :)  Really looking forward to building this one.  Maybe I should finish the VF-1S first tho?? 

   Saw a guy on Britmodeller make the F-16 version of the iDOLM@STER, I liked the model alot.  There is a STGB coming up on Britmodeller for the F-14.  I asked if I was allowed to do this (sorta connected to Ace Combat as they are in it) and I am, so I will be doing this.  Thinking of getting some metallic paint for it.  I'm still after the Sakura Tomcat (Zipzang I think it's called) but I do not want to pay £40 for it!.  I will have to get a picture later on of it, but the decals are on two A4 sized pictures.

  This is the other iDOLM@STER model I purchased, still not sure why... I guess I just wanna make a model of the Nighthawk.  Like the F-14 there is a loads of decals on this one... so looking forward to that!  That decal of the girl will test my patience. But I am looking forward to making this one.  Will be something different.



WiP - 1/72 Revell Leopard II and T-80B

  So here we have my two long term armor project.  Since I have been playing World of Tanks a lot, I have wanted to make an armoured model of some description.  I know neither the Leopard or the T-80B are actually in WoT, but they where on sale at ModelZone.  On to the pictures!

  Both of the models together, I just can't get over the size of the Leopards turret compared to the T-80's.  Both of these tanks had different school of thoughts.  IIRC, the NATO countries where going to rely on taking out the WARSAW Pact tanks from range (camping anyone?!) at and over 1km.  Where as the WARSAW countries where going to rely on their numbers and basically Zerg rush everyone.  Know which one I would rather do...

  I have started to do the detail painting on the Leopard, and yes I have used two different shades of brown on it... I'm hoping it wont show as badly when I start to weather it and dirty it up a bit.  Need to find an easier way of doing the tracks, they where a complete pain and almost sent me boss-eyed... need to work on my 3 tone camo-skills.  I know what I have done wrong here and know how to correct it.  But this model is going to be a test bed for the new Humbrol weathering powders, looking forward to using them and seeing what kind of muck I can make with them! :) 

  Random shot of the T-80, I can't get over the size of that barrel!!  I decided that the turret looked really bare and after looking at different colours of this tank I noticed that there is a lot of wires missing from the hull and the turret.  So I used some 0.2mm thick wire attached with superglue, I think I went a little OTT with the superglue.  Least it wont move now eh?! :P  Will be painting this one dark green and white.

  Closer shot of that turret and wire bits.  I know the wire isn't straight, then again I have never seen any wires of any kind straight at all, well thats my excuse and I am sticking to it! :P  Hopefully I will be painting this one very soon (next week or so...).

  Thats it for the tanks :)



The Man-Cave!

  Hey all,

  I have mentioned this in a few previous posts, and the fact I am downloading World of Planes now (6.3 GB file!!) I thought I would do a few posts on here.  Nothing fancy tho.

  Well this is the shed I am sharing with my mum.  It's obviously hers, but I have been allowed to have a corner of it.  Shes got her sewing machine in there (made of cast iron it is!), she also has a bench where she can groom her dogs.  We have 3 Old English Sheepdogs, Aesha, Tia and Lincoln.  All 3 are over-grown mutts but my mum likes to enter them into dog shows (never saw the point myself, but each to their own).  Anyhow, my mum got annoyed with me constantly hogging the kitchen table, so now I have been given a desk in the shed.  This is still a WiP of sorts :P

  Now this is my own little corner of the shed.  My dad made this from 280-ish wooden pallets.  The walls are 3 inches thick, 3 layers of wood, a layer of sawdust, layer of fibreglass wool and cardboard.  Keeps it pretty nice in there once the heater is on.    The Vulcan picture is one I bought from an airshow when I was 14 possibly and I asked Nats dad to frame it, which he did, same goes for the Spitfire picture.  The calendar is Kelly Brook (shes nice she is ;) ) if anyone wanted to know, and on the desk you can see my Lepoard and T-80B that I am working on. :)

  Will post more pictures as and when I get around to doing anything in here, fitting a new light in there tomorrow so I can actually see what I am doing at night :P