Monday, 12 October 2015

Airfix 1/72 Curtiss Tomahawk IIB (P-40B) 112 Sqn - Completed

  Hello Everyone,

  Well this is my second build for the Remembrance Day Lunch that the librarian, Karen, at work will be holding.  This Tomahawk will be displayed next to a Spitfire, Bf-110 and Bf-109, possibly a Lancaster too.  I decided to add this one as who doesn't love a Sharkmouth?!  Plus I was trying to convey the notion that the world war was just that, worldwide... you know what kids are like.  Anyhow, this the newer tool mould from Airfix of the classic Tomahawk (always liked this aircraft).  I had a few issues with it, I think most of those issues where my own doing.  Live and learn huh?  I had to strip the paint as the xtracrylix didn't wanna play for some reason.  I had to resort to Tamiya and mixing the middlestone colour.  I am quite impressed with it.  On to the pictures.

  Like the Spitfire, these photos where taken in the sunny weather, or what little we had this year.  I used EZ-Line, very cool stuff really, altho I think it's just the elastic out of a pair of tights/stockings.  This was the first time I had to drill a hole to feed the line through but I think it worked okay.  I do have another one of the Tomahawk to build this time in the AVG colours.  Will have to sort out the guns on the front and maybe the guns on the wings.  Apart from that I am really happy with the build.




  1. This reminds me - I have a P-40 to finish off. I put it on ice because of uncertainty about rigging the radio mast! Hope mine turns out as nice as yours!

  2. Thank you Stephen, it's a really quick build. I only took so long with it because I am really lazy and had issues with the paint. Even now I am not too sure on the radio mast/wires. But it looks good enough as is, apart from the fact the wire is a little over-scale... oh well... Look forward to seeing yours when you get around to it. :)