Thursday, 9 August 2012

MiG 1.44 MFI and MiG-29 WiP

 I was going to sort out the resin parts today, but I had a computer to fix (a complete motherboard change on a laptop).  So I done that then saw these on the table I was working on and just started to work on them.  I've started the MiG-29 too, my thinking is that I am going to do both the 1.44 and the 29 in the same camo scheme.  I've seen lots of grey 1.44's so I thought I would do something I haven't seen it before, a kinda "whatif".  The MiG-29 is just a quick kit to get done out of the way and keep some people off my back, they know who they are!!! :P  Picture time...

  Those attachment points for the canards are horrible.  Will need to use a bit of filler on them.  The instrument panel didn't get any decals as they where really bad, so I decided not to use them.  I'm still impressed with the cockpit tho.

  Front section, once the cockpit is done the rest is a doddle tbh.

   Those nozzles look good on this model, a little worried about painting them, but I will figure something out.  I was going to drop the flaps on this one, I couldn't figure out what are the flaps and what are not.  I see something in the middle of the wing that looks like a flap and I see a little flap between the rudder and the nozzles, as of yet I haven't been able to find any pictures of them dropped, so I have left them up.

   I've left the intake off so I can paint it the usual dark grey/white whatever.  One thing that did cross my mind when I made this one, I didn't put any weight in the nose and I have a feeling it's going to be a tail sitter.  Those intakes go back a little way so I am going to stick some weight there, will have to see what I have to use.  I didn't have any problems with the joins in the wings, a little filler will be needed on the top, but nothing that a bit of Mr. Surfacer can't fix.

   The Academy 1/144 MiG-29A Fulcrum, I thought this would be a good model as I have an 1/72 OV-10 Bronco in my stash and that's a great model with lots of detail and looks fairly accurate to me.  Well as much as I can see as I've never flown/worked on/walked around one.  First thing that you should be able to see from this picture is the nose!  What's wrong with it?  It reminds me of the Sukhoi Su-34 "FULLBACK" aka "Platypus" just worse, at least that plane looks cool!!!  Now that I think about it, I might actually paint the MiG-29 as an Luftwaffe model, I should have some decals in the stash for that.

   Next thing you notice is those jet nozzles, they do not fit at all!  I though it was the way I had glued the fuselage together but no, they are perfectly correct (a result really!)  If I had glued the nozzles flush with the top half, there would of been a massive gap of about 10mm or so between the nozzles and the back of the bottom fuselage.  So I decided to do it like this.  The only thing I can think of, is that Academy have gotten the MiG-29 mixed up with the F-15C as you could think it has a "lip" on it's nozzles.  Thats the only thing that would make sense to me...

  And the two birds together, the MiG-29 is almost the same size as the MiG 1.44 wing!  That is one massive bird.  You can see how big it is by the size chart on the mat, just times the size of that by 144 times and you *should* be close to it.  Still both are fun models to make and I am looking forward to paiting them, now that I have a new tool to use on them :)

  More to come...




  1. MFI looking great but yeah like me i was never happy with any of the MiG-29's i bought al the nose seem to be really wrong. Waiting for the day eduard or revell release a new version.

  2. Glad you like the MFI, I put some filler on those canards today and primed it, but need to touch the canards again they look rough. Its a shame no one has done a decent Fulcrum or Flanker now that I think about it. The Fulcrum is a horrible model, the Revell one I have must be from the same mould as it has the exact same problems. Shame really I was looking forward to doing a Swifts model.