Friday, 5 February 2016

New bits...

  Hello everyone,

  Well I am still floating around and breathing.  I've been really busy with bits and pieces (like everyone else).  Anyhow some of my time has been taken up by a "new" hobby, it wont take over my modelling or telescope stuff because it kinda fits into that.  I have been persuaded to play ...

  I have had a few of the models from this tabletop game for a while now.  Nothing major only a few cruisers and a carrier oh and the rule books for V.1 and V.2.  I liked the design of the ships really, but Rob (the guy I made/painted the Warhammer stuff for) convinved me to try the actual game.  So I bought 2 patrol sets and got a few bits that where on sale at Wayland Games (good shop).  I will not put the prices down as I know Nat will go mad at me :P  I've got a... biggish fleet probably around the 2000 point mark. I do have more, but for various reasons I have not made the models.  We played our first game a little while ago, the first match we drew, the second I won because I got a "lucky" hit on his battleship from my carrier and escorts and took it out with a critical hit... I have no idea what that means tbh :P  We played one game last Sunday this was a bigger 1200 point fleet and I was pretty much wiped out, mainly from me trying to be clever and not being able to pull it off.  Anyhow, I dont think I will record our games here, unless people are interested in this?  I will mainly only focus on the models and various bits.  So anyhow...

  This is my Dindrenzi fleet, I get a sorta militaristic feel about them when I read up on them.  So I kinda based them on Luftwaffe colours, they where primed with black, then had Black Green - RLM 70 (71.021 Vallejo Model Air) airbrushed lightly ontop.  The White is just your standard White from Vallejo Model range.  The various bits of metallic where from the Citadel range but the name of the paint escapes me now.

  This is my Falchion Class Carrier, I bought this a while ago.  Think I got it from eBay... really can't remember.  Well this is the one that killed a battleship in one shot... I love my carrier :D  This picture is because I am trying to do the "engine glow" that you see on alot of these models.  I am also not gonna paint the bottom too much as you will see.... well none of it.  I've become a bigger geek...woohoo!


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