Friday, 24 May 2013

WiP : 2 Bandai 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam

  Done some work on this beastie this week... I've done the wash on the leg plates, the shield has been started.  Painted the silvery bits too... I am most proud of the head unit tho... first time I have done a decent job on that one! :)


  The bazooka and beam rifle are both in the paint shop atm.

  Will restart this after I get a few other models finished.



WiP Revell 1/72 Spitfire V LA... just for fun.

  I've been building this over the last couple of weeks, my time to do any modelling will be severly cut down over the next 3 months as I am back at college doing a Cisco CCNA course... god help me!

    I'm building this model becase :
  1.  I have never built a Spitfire model before... shocking I know!
  2.  I wanted to test out how good Tamiya paints actually are,
  3.  I wanted to try to scratch build a few things,
  4.  It was a cool idea to me :P
  On to the pictures...

  Still got some work to do on her, I know I have missed the little poppy up flap on the top part of the wing when the flaps are down and the radiator flap too??  Still I am enjoying this build thus far.



Completed Revell 1/72 Focke Wulf TL-Jäger "Flitzer"

  Finished this model a few weeks ago, haven't had my camera tho to take any pictures of it.  Finally got it back of Nats sister (bless her).

  I started out by airbrushing this model but then got bored and just wanted to finish it, so I used the hairy stick (I love that term!).  I thinned down the paint a lot this time, which I think has sorted out the brush strokes problem.  I also used a flat brush too, quite impressed with them I am. :)  On to the pictures of it, oh I also used an Xtradecal sheet for the swastikas.

  What do you think of the wash?  Don't think it came out too bad, I can't remember what squadron it's from, I will put that down when I look at the instructions next. :)



Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Completed Revell 1/144 CF-188A and F-18D

  I'm going to call these two done.  I took what I learned from the MiG-29 and MiG 1.44 "Flatpack" (what a bloody weird name for a jet!) and applied it here... Still not sure if I have nailed the use of a wash yet or not.  Oh well... Oh I did put a wash on the F-18D, but because of all the issues I have had with varnish, I think all the panel lines have disappeared under all the varnish.  On to the pictures...

  Let me know what you think of these two, finally glad I've finished them now tho. Woohoo! :)



Completed Revell 1/144 MiG-29 "Fulcrum" and MiG 1.44 MFi "Flatpack"

  I'm going to call these two done.  The MiG-29 you have seen before but it was a test model for the florywash.  Still not too sure if I like that or not.  The MiG 1.44 was a test bed for a few things, mostly the wash and the masking idea... think it works.

  Let me know what you think, was kinda going for a "dirty" and "used" look as most Russian Jets are like that, but they look so cool for it.