Friday, 9 May 2014

Review - TomyTec/Hasegawa 1/144 F-15E Strike Eagle "Garuda One"

  I said I would do this review for a friend but haven't gotten around to it until now. So here we go. :)



  Like the F-15C of Solo Wing Pixy I am really hoping to get this one started soon.  They do look very cool sitting on my desk. :)  I will explain who/what everything is when I get around to the completed section.  What I will say however is I am a little disappointed that there is no option to have the 4 Maverick load out that you see on the box cover.  That is kinda cool, will have to raid an A-10 or F/A-18C kit.



Completed - TomyTec/Hasegawa 1/144 F-15C "Galm 1" aka "The Demon Lord"

  I had this one sitting on the shelf for a while.  While this is not 100% completed (I need to sort that canopy out), it's at a stage where I am happy with it and it is sitting on my desk now as a desk model.  Pretty cool, that reminds me I need to dust it... anyhow, I used a little bit of superglue here and there mostly on the tanks and the body connection but the rest of the fit was spot on.  On to the pictures...

  This aircraft is the one you start off with initially and it is the F-15C of "Galm 1", you play as the pilot of this aircraft known only as "Cipher" as you play through the game Galm Team (you and your wingman "Solo Wing Pixy") become known as the "The Mercenary Dream Team".  Also a little later on, after the fights at airspace B7R aka "The Round Table" you become known as the "Demon Lord" (partly due to Galm (Garmr) on your tail) and you are respected/loved/hated by fellow pilots.  I will get around to making Solo Wing Pixy at a later date really soon.  It's bugging me that I haven't finished him yet.

"This is the Round Table. Dead men's words hold no meaning."
― Solo-Wing Pixy

Completed - Bandai 1/144 RX-121-2A Gundam TR-1 "Advanced Hazel"

  I should of really been revising for my exams, but I needed a break so I decided to do the last few decals for the Hazel and hopefully get it done.  Which I have! :D  I'm not too sure on the "stencil" decals but I am happy with the way this has turned out.  Learned a little bit from this one, like the fact that Tamiya AS sprays do not like Humbrol based coats... I think I will be getting this one at a later date and making it again in custom colours or doing some kind of custom job on it (now that I have a few of the Gunpla builder series things).  Picture time...

  Really like this pose for some reason...

  I tried to do the classic "weapon layout" pose, but the knee joints are not that flexiable on the Hazel, plus those legs are bloody huge.  I tried...

  Tried to copy the box art picture... well a little.  Think I have kinda pulled it off, plus I just wanted to show off the logo on the shield. :)

  I also tried to copy that other classic Gundam pose, once again the legs didn't want to play.  It kinda worked... :\

  I have decided to buy this kit at a later date again and do a few custom bits to it.  Hopefully this time the arm will not break and the colour will not wash away with the varnish.

  Let me know what you think...



Sunday, 4 May 2014

Completed - Airfix 1/72 Scotish Aviation Bulldog

  Well I got this one finished about 4 hours ago, just in time for the GB deadline!  Really must plan my time better tbh... oh well.  I took the mask off the canopy and noticed that there is a god awful mark on the left hand canopy, I think glue has seeped from somewhere, god knows how!  On to the pictures...

I may either buy this kit again at a later date or I will have to try and do something with that canopy, not sure what.  Maybe just sand it down... I never realised how much you would be able to see inside!  I am used to building aircraft where you can't see sod all inside!  Well this is one to add to the completed pile. :)

Hope you have enjoyed my various cock-ups...



Friday, 2 May 2014

WiP 5 - Bandai 1/144 RX-121-2A Gundam TR-1 "Advanced Hazel" - Getting there!!!

  Done some work on the Hazel while I was waiting for the painty bits on the Bulldog to dry.  I decided to give Humbrol Clear a go through my new Airbrush, thought I would try the 0.4 nozzle as up until all I have used is the 0.2 nozzle.  Well I am not impressed, think I am going to get a really cheap model off eBay and use it as a test bed for new things.  Or I would use one I have messed up, which is more or less all of them! :P  Anyhow the spraying was the least of my problems, when I was attaching the decals I found out that Humbrol Clear and Tamiya AS sprays do not like each other... bugger it!  It's washed most of the paint off or thinned it out... not much I can do about it now apart from to say it is battle damage :P  Onto the pictures, oh yeah all of the white decals are from a spare RX-0 Unicorn Gundam sheet I have, seeing as the Gundam is white and the decals are white I decided to use them on my Hazel.  Also decided to buy another Hazel and make a custom one, not too sure what yet tho. 

I do apologise for the sucky pose, the decals where still drying when I took these photos.  I think I need to get a few more stencils on the shield and maybe some on the boosters as well.  I really am liking the "Hazel" mascot on the shield.  I think it is kinda wasted on the rear skirt.  I have a few more bits to touch up here and there that the camera has shown me.  But I am getting there :)  Oh yeah here is a picture just because I think it's an epic picture and I can! :D

The front Gundam is the Hazel Custom and the one behind it is the Advanced version, I believe that the grey rabbit is Hazel but the black one I am not too sure about... Bigwig maybe?



WiP 4 - Scottish Aviation Bulldog - Nearly finished...

  So I done some more work on this one.  I need to get it finished before 4th May... hope fully I will.  All I have to do is to do a few touch ups here or there and matt coat it.  Shouldn't take me that long... famous last words eh??

I think the blue in the Swedish "roundel"... I don't know it's correct name! I do apologise to anyone from Sweden!  Doing this aircraft has made me want to do another Swedish aircraft... what to pick??  Oo I have a Gripen in 1/144 (ear-marked for an Ace Combat scheme) or one in 1/72 with Tigermeet decals... hhmm... best if I get the other stuff finished first.  Oh yeah I suck at wheels...