Thursday, 19 December 2013

New Purchase - Tomytec 1/144 F-15C

  Now these two models I have been waiting for, since they where first on HLJ.  Even tho they cost £20-ish each I had to have them.  The reason being that they are two of my fav aircraft from a computer game that I love playing.  They are

  Not my artwork btw, but damn fine pictures tho!  Well these two are the two main characters from Ace Combat Zero (0) : The Belkan War.  Both are mercs and both fight with distinction through out the war.  I wont say much more, but I will post this trailer, I wonder if its out on the PS3 yet??

  Well I really loved this game when it came out, well I loved them all until Assault Horizon came out on the PS3... it was a good game, but it just wasn't Ace Combat to me.  On with the pictures...

  The front of the box, this is the box for Galm 1 (the guy you play) aka "The Demon Lord".

  Bottom half of the box, I thought this was going to be a proper model, not one what was already painted.  I was really looking forward to getting the decals for it.  But they are already on, oh well... I like the look of that LED thing.  Will have to see if I can find it.

  All the parts come like this, all pre-painted.  Kinda worried in case I cock it up and have to paint over my mistakes.

   Least I do not have to worry about painting the wheels eh??

  The rudders you see here are not used, I dont even understand why they would be on here...

  I assume this is a card for it to sit on, this is Galm Teams logo/emblem (hence the two stars).  IIRC Galm is the name of the dog protecting the Underworld/Hell (not Cerberus). 

  This advert was inside the box for Mobius 1 "The Ribbon" and Yellow 13, your main target.  I so wanted to get these, but they are not out of stock at HLJ :(

  I have no idea why I would need these...

  Other random parts, love the rudder painting.

  close up of the rudders, pretty cool eh??

  Close up of the top part, look at all of those warning decals and such, could you imagine doing them decals on a 1/144 model?!  That would be fun eh?

 Other bits of the airframe, love the painting on these...

  A little history of the aircraft, not that I can read Japanese tho.

  Painting guide/decal guide... totally irrelevant as all the decals and painting is done already.  Still I love these kinda drawings.

  The other box for Galm 2 "Solo Wing Pixy", in the game he flew an F-15 when half of the wing was blown off (hence the red bit) but he made it home and landed the plane safely.  That story is based on a real life Isreali F-15 that lost it's right wing when an F-16 ploughed through it.  That aircraft also made a safe landing with half of it's wing missing.  Pretty cool story huh?  I can't remember what happened to the F-16 tho, I dont think it was pretty tho...

  Lovely side shot of the box and my thumb... nice thumb eh??

  The bottom half of the box, as this one is called "ACE 02" I hope it means that there will be more to follow.  I am hoping for Scarface or Garuda or even better Espada/Sorcerer ;)  These models where made by Hasagawa too, wonder if they will be bringing out any 1/144 models soon?  I think they used to years ago...



New Pruchases - Sweet 1/144 Sea Kings and Zero

  Now this is the ones I originally ordered from HLJ with VF-19 and IdolM@ster planes (have I put them up on here??).  I saw one of these being built on Britmodeller as part of the 1/144 GB and thought they looked cool.  Plus they have the SAR versions of the great Sea King.  If only they done the commando version (the designation escapes me atm).

  All of the Japanese versions, naturally had to be first.  Not sure which one I want to do... I could just leave this little lot entirely and make use the decals from another set below... still not decided.

  The decals from the above set, not really alot to write about.  Still the decals are really well printed and there is enough there to make a few what-ifs (Merling SAR for the JSDAF... or is it JSDMF?)

  I bought this one originally to make the classic yellow RAF SAR helicopter.  But I now have the Airfix 1/72 version (despite it's many faults).  So I can make that one then... so I might make the grey one... not sure yet.

  Decals for the above.

  I got this one to build the RAAF version, liking the Belgian version too for some reason.  I could use that for the model up above... hhmm... will have to think about that one.  The German one isn't really working for me, plus I have a CH-53G in the same scheme.

  Decals for the above...

  Last but not least is this set, I only bought it the 775sq Fleet Air Arm SAR helicopter.  I have a thing for aircraft with cards on them, must be my love of poker there.  Anyhow that is the one I will be building here.  "Black Beast" is a colourful little one, but not one that I am particularly interested in.

  Decals for the above.

  This is what you get in each bag, yes thats right a bag!  Not much to say really, very few parts and the airframe is already set together.  There is no interior or cockpit detail at all.  So I will be having fun scratch building them when I get around to it.

  Just added this one to the order as it was only £5!!! Result, and for once it's a Zero that isn't in the standard boring white/cream/green schemes.  I do have a set of decals to turn them into a captured AVG machine, but that is 1/72 scale so totally useless here.  Anyhow, I am looking forward to building this one. :)

  Minimal parts here and decals, no Hinomaru's are included in the decals either (weird that eh?).  I'm looking forward to making this one also, should be nice and quick also.  practically no cockpit either, but I dont think you will see under all of the glazing tbh.



New Purchase - Sweet 1/144 P-51 B/C Mustangs

  Here is the second batch of models I got from HLJ and Sweet,

   Apparently I had ordered this one a while ago, I do not remember doing so!!  I kept it as I can use the models for the Mustang STGB next year. 

  The otherside of the same box, the artwork hasn't really caught my attention.  So I will leave the decals in the bank incase I decide something else later on.

   All of the various options for this set.  The bottom right one is growing on me tho.  I will need a 5th model to make that one tho. ;)

   Now this is the set I wanted for the STGB, I love this picture.  The Sharkmouth doing what it was designed for (scarying the living crap out of... neko-chans... (my Japanese is a little rusty)).  For some weird reason, this version isn't actually in the box...

  Here we have the same aircraft, but this is after the Japanese got their mits on it.  I will have to get around to reading up on the history of this aircraft.  Lucky looks like he has just had a good fart... dirty cat!

  All of the versions you can build in this set, I have decals for a captured Spitfire IX also.  I need to get the Eduard set for that one tho.  I really like the Japanese and Swiss ones for some reason.  

  The sprues, not much to write home about really, the cockpits are completely dire.  Thinking of getting some AM stuff for it.  But then I am not too sure if it will be seen once the cockpit is closed.

 The decals for both sets.  I guess I could make that US version from the other set... will have to get a 5th model for that.  I might get some more Mustangs when I do a next order from HLJ in the new year.

  Hope you liked them all.



New Purchases - Sweet 1/144 Wildcats

  Well I bought these two to "bulk" out my order from HLJ.  Kinda glad I did now as I am really looking forward to building these little ones.  Not too sure what ones I am going to build yet but I will show you guys what I have.

  Here we have one side of the box fronts (the other is below).  Nasa-chan (I think thats her name??) is looking cute in that witch outfit with all of the other cute-ish stuff going on around her.  Thats the Wildcat V from HMS Tracker, Fleet Air Arm.  I think I will do one model as that one (it's British, gotta be done eh?)

  The other side of the box, god knows what Lucky (the cat??) is doing!! Nasa-chan looking cute again surrounded by all of the laughing pumpkins.  This version is for the CAF ( formally Confederate Air Force, linky linky)  Don't think I will be doing this version tho.

  Here are all of the schemes for the Ghost Fighter (that was an fighter in Macross wasn't it?). I will most likely be doing the bottom two.  The other two do not appeal to me that much.

  The wonderful decals (printed by cartograf, then again what isn't?).  I will not be using the invasion stripes, I will be painting them on.

  God knows what there is two different coloured sprues??  I guess it helps with building it somehow, then again there isn't many parts to begin with anyways.  There is a little figure of "Lucky" on the airframe sprue.  Not sure if I can be bothered to make him or not yet.

 The second box I got, not much to write about here.

   Love that look on Nasa-chans face "It wasn't me!"  Its a pretty good picture, but I can imagine something like that being a "fun" ride... :/

  Has anyone noticed whats wrong with this decal sheet placement guide?  Well ignoring the error, I am not too sure which one I am going for.  I like the top right as it's something different from the norm.  I could always build the CAF one.  I could also buy the retrowings upgrade and make the night-fighter version with the radar on the wing.  I will just have to see what the differences are between this version and that version.  Still it's a plan :)

  One of the reasons I love these little boxes? "2 Cats in a Box!"... nice little touch that, plus the pictures on the tabs are kinda cute also :)



Friday, 13 December 2013

New Project - Revell 1/24 Volkwagen "Samba" Bus

  This one is a little project for Nats sister.  She loves the VW bus, like most people really.  I was intending to build this for her for Christmas.  But between my holiday, being lazy and sorting out my man-cave I've just ran out of time.  I might get it finished next year...

  I warn you now, this model will be bright pink and it will clash badly...

  Here is where I am upto

  Here is the spartan engine bay, I am not sure if the colours are correct.  I had a search online and I found loads of different colours for everything.  So I have put a bit of colours on it to make things different.

  I was going to put lights and such on it, dont think I will now.

  Lets see how well I get on with it.



Completed - Revell 1/144 Apache Longbow AH-64D

  Well it has been a while since my last post.  I forgot that I had finished this little one.  Anyhow here she is in all her glory.  Think I will be buying another one and doing it correctly.

  Yeah its a little dusty, its amazing how much dust a camera can pick up on eh?