Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Completed Revell 1/144 MiG-29 "Fulcrum" and MiG 1.44 MFi "Flatpack"

  I'm going to call these two done.  The MiG-29 you have seen before but it was a test model for the florywash.  Still not too sure if I like that or not.  The MiG 1.44 was a test bed for a few things, mostly the wash and the masking idea... think it works.

  Let me know what you think, was kinda going for a "dirty" and "used" look as most Russian Jets are like that, but they look so cool for it.




  1. Hey, nice work there. I was wondering: is the Revell MiG-29 kit the #04007 "The Swifts"-kit? I was wondering whether the lines on that kit are recessed or not, and it's hard to tell from other images available. Thx.


  2. Hello Dodecahedron, the MiG-29 is actually an Academy kit. I listed it as a Revell by accident, sorry. But from what I can tell, they are both the same mould with all of the same errors. The panel lines are recessed on both. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks, it just came in the mail today and all seems fine to me.